Frank Amendola (Project Manager, NASTech) demonstrating
the benefits of both the P-DAQ and B-DAQ Sytems.


Nick Amendola (President/CEO, NASTech) and Henrik
Christensen (Pace Systems) discuss systems integration.


Dave Port (Consultant) discussing
the benefits of P-DAQ to his clients.


Nick Amendola (President/CEO, NASTech) and Paul Becker
(Globe-Tek) set up the transfer of JDF data between systems.


Darcy (Globe-Tek), Frank (NASTech) and
Paul (Globe-Tek) discuss the JDF interface.


John Knowlton (NASTech) jokes with
Globe-Tek staff during a slow moment.


NASTech's demo station at the Hiflex booth.


NASTech demonstrated the P-DAQ to Hilex JDF interface between
the Hiflex main demo area, and the NASTech demo station.


Frank Amendola again. "Any Questions?"