The P-DAQ Data Console is a custom made, ergo-nomically designed metal cabinet that houses the touch screen monitor, UPS battery backup system, computer, and all of the necessary press interface electronics.

The console is well built and can be fitted with exaust fans or an AC unit to withstand even the most rigorous of production environments. 

The fan also allows the console to be pressurized to ensure that dirt and dust are kept out, as cooler room temperature air is sucked in.

The console is available in manufacturers standard colors and for an additional charge, may be painted to match any swatch you provide.



Flatscreen Monitors and VESA mounts can also be installed if space is a consideration. Using this method, the P-DAQ system can fit the look of your press and can also allow the system to be operated in a more convienient location for the operator.

The recommended monitor is a 17" ELO Touchscreen monitor with Removable base, and is 75 mm VESA mount capable.

The monitor can be mounted using a variety of swivel brackets, stands and cantilever arms. To find the mounting option best suited for your press there are a variety of companies who supply such items. Take a look at some of the products offered by Mounts & More, Innovative, Ergotron, or GCX to get an idea as to what is available.

A NASTech representative will work with you to determine the best mounting option for your press.



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